Football Clock – Show Your True Colours!


Football Clock – turn your iPhone into a digital clock in your favourite teams colours!


Wind up your mates as to when their beloved team actually last won any silverware.
Just choose the team you want to display, and the app will update the colour schemes and trophy details for that team, showing you when the team last won any silverware (if ever!).

Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS so you can bait your rivals with ease!

You can also switch to full-screen clock mode, which displays a digital clock adorned in your teams colours, with subtle animation of the colours.

More teams from leagues around the world being added regularly.

You must have an Internet connection to download the team details, otherwise you’ll be left with a team-less digital clock (although a very nice one!).

Note that those clock overrides the devices sleep mode, so it will always show on screen.

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