Household Bill Splitter


With ‘Household Bill Splitter’ for iPhone home sharers can split their bills between themselves and record each individuals payments. Bills can be split in any way, payments are recorded and the amount owed by each occupier is kept up to date.

The App allows sharers to see at a glance how much is owed in total by each occupier and breakdown views are available that show both the amount owed per bill for a particular occupier and the amount due per occupier for a particular bill.

‘Household Bill Splitter’ is highly configurable ; Bills can be split amongst any number of occupiers, bills can be split differently per account & any individual bill can be customised.

‘Household Bill Splitter’ also provides analysis of your payment history ; It is possible to see how much any or all sharers are spending with suppliers over any time period – a particularly useful feature when planning those tight household budgets.

With ‘Household Bill Splitter’ you can be sure of who has paid their share.

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